I AM In the Right place, at the Right Time, doing the Right Thing.

Hi, My name is Lilly Reid.

I am so excited you have found my web site Loveonesself.com.

This life is a journey. I want to share my journey with you.

My vision of Loveonesself.com is to enlighten all who stop by.  As I share my journey with you, I hope that you will get inspiration for your journey.

As a small child my Mother instilled the value of seeing the good in people and in Life. I watched her seek learning from books on personal growth and Enlightenment. And no matter the experiences that we went through, to always HOPE for the Better. On the other hand, my Dad preached dooms day.  The End of the world was always just around the corner. Be prepared for the worst. Live in FEAR.

FEAR and LOVE are the emotions we live from. Love is Letting go of Fear by Gerald G. Jampolsky, taught me a lot about these two emotions.



Thankfully the world didn’t come to an end and I grew up, got married and had 5 Amazing children.  

Through the busy years of raising my children and before the internet, I read books and listened to asset tapes of self awareness, and self growth. On of those books were, What to Say When You Talk to Yourself by Shad Helsdtetter.

It was that book that taught me that we have 60,000 thoughts that we think every day over and over and over. Most of them being negative thoughts about ourself. With that books knowledge I slowly became arame of my thoughts and gently started to change the negative thoughts to positive ones. This did not happen over night.  This Life is a journey.  I have my experiences to share with YOU. My experiences along the way have made me who I am today.  I AM SO Gratefulfor what  I have learned and hope that as I share my journey it will touch you.  If you see or ready something that touches you please share it oh face book.


Disclaimer:  Truth to me may not be truth to you.  We all receive things differently. Please read with an open mind and heart.  Use what fills right for you. Thank you for stopping by.